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World Leaders in Research of Essentional Fatty Acids

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Leaders in Nutritional Health

From Native North Americans to the World
For many who know the benefits of this legendary plant, Efamol is synonymous with Evening Primrose Oil (EPO), a rich source of essential fatty acids currently being studied in medical centers worldwide for their impact on human health. Derived from the term Essential Fatty Acid MOLecule, the name Efamol demonstrates the company's ongoing commitment to researching the impact of essential fatty acids and other naturally delivered products on human biology and to developing nutraceutical products that improve the quality of peoples' lives.

The company's story began when Dr. David Horrobin was professor of medicine at the University of Montreal. While researching the hormone prolactin's regulation of prostaglandin E1 (PGEI), a healthful substance the body breaks down too quickly, Dr. Horrobin identified a precursor chemical called gamma linolenic acid (GLA). GLA, Dr. Horrobin discovered, could be used to make PGEI and was readily available in the seed of the Evening Primrose plant.

In 1977, Dr. Horrobin and Sherri Clarkson founded the Efamol Company in Montreal, Canada to commercialize his research into GLA. The following year, the company joined Agricultural Holdings, a large United Kingdom manufacturing company, moved to East London and began making its first products. In 1981, the company's Canadian division, Efamol Research, Inc. moved to Nova Scotia, and the manufacturing division, Efamol Ltd., relocated to Guildford, England. In 1985, Efamol Ltd. changed its registered corporate name from Efamol Holdings to Scotia Holdings, PLC, but maintained the Efamol brand name for its wide range of nutritional products.

Today, Efamol Nutraceuticals are among the best-selling essential fatty acid products in the world and Efamol Research, Inc. is the principal biomedical research resource for the entire Scotia/Efamol organization. Scotia Holdings, Efamol Ltd's parent company, is listed on the London Stock Exchange and maintains three principal divisions: Scotia Pharmaceuticals, which manufactures, markets and registers pharmaceutical products; Efamol Ltd., which produces and distributes nutritional products; and Scotia Drug Discovery, the company's R&D resource for its ongoing development of nutritional and pharmaceutical products. In Canada, the company operates under the name Efamol Research, Inc., but is registered as Scotia Pharmaceuticals (Canada) Limited to maintain a uniform identity.

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