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[ Former Canadian Peace Keeper
Herbert Shawn Wilson ]

~ Herbert Shawn Wilson ~


P.O. Box 957
Nova Scotia, B0J 1J0

(902) 275-4348

July 21, 2002

Dear Sirs,
I am sending you this letter in the hope that you will print it or forward it to the appropriate person, and further the cause of justice and freedom. I have been told by some that my letter may not be printed until my case has been decided, due to the possibility of my case being prejudiced by the story, and the paper or magazine could be found liable as a result. Rest assured send any form or document, relieving your station of all onus, indemnity or responsibility for the printing and I will happily sign it! There are far too many publications that print exaggerated false claims by law enforcement official, but are unwilling to print the "other side" of the story.

To the Point: A grave injustice is being visited upon me and I thought that I could write you in an effort to correct the situation. I swore an Oath of Allegiance and joined the Canadian Armed Forces on Nov 17, 1986, I had the privilege of serving with the 3rd Battalion Princess Patricias Canadian Light Infantry, (coincidentally the very same Battalion that served in Afghanistan as Canada's Vanguard forces against terrorism!) In 1987 I received a certificate of appreciation for my service in the security for the Commonwealth Head of Governments Meeting, signed by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

The next year in 1988, The 3rd Battalion Princess Patricias Canadian Light Infantry was requested to provided soldiers for The United Nations Peacekeeping Forces. I immediately volunteered and was posted to Nicosia, Cyprus, for a tour of duty from 01 March 1988, to 01 September 1988, and consequently awarded a United Nations Peacekeeping Medal (Cyprus) for my participation. That very year the Nobel Committee decided to award the 1988 Nobel Peace Prize to the United Nations Peacekeepers, and I received a Nobel Peace Prize Medal with Diploma and certificate of authenticity! I have had the great honour of been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for my participation in a United Nations Peacekeeping mission. I have been awarded the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal, under the authority of Her Excellency the Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson, C.C., C.M.M., C.D., Governor General of Canada, which recognizes my service on an international United Nations Peacekeeping mission and in recognition of my valuable contribution to world peace. Being a recipient of these prestigious awards has left a very powerful and lasting impression on me. It has dramatically changed me in the fact that I now persevere to live my life as an epitome to what the esteemed awards ultimately represent. As a direct result, I have discovered that I am a much more determinedly selfless human being.

Now, I find that I am much more pro-active in helping my fellow man, and when the need arises I easily slip into the role of good samaritan, defender of the helpless or fighter of injustices. Definitely, I feel much more so now that I must live up to a certain noble preconceived image that the medals tend to represent to most people, if only just to ensure myself that I am truly deserving of the accolades which have been bestowed upon me. During my service in the military I injured my back, and have had chronic and increasing back pain ever since. It has been confirmed with a CAT SCAN that I do indeed have degenerative disk disease apparently common to the infantry trade. I have been prescribed various government approved overpriced "opiate" derived narcotic medications only to suffer side effects worse than the symptoms. I have been prescribed Naprosen, Norflex, Ultradol, Vioxx, Arthrotec, Tylenol 3, Atasol, Robaxasol, and Percocette in attempt to alleviate the pain I experience from doing everyday activities. In my experience I have found that pharmaceutical drugs are intolerable, causing many unbearable side effects, ranging from acid reflux, nausea, involuntary regurgitation, severe stomach cramping, diarrhea, constipation, not to mention the opiate based narcotic drugs stupefy my thoughts to the point of making me essentially non-productive and "zombie like", great only if you need to sleep!

After a good friends' suggestion and urging, and against my better judgment, I resorted to experimentation with marijuana. Much to my incredulity and disbelief, I found my pain to be quite effectively alleviated! I noticed with great relief that there seemed to be no loss of mental function or control typically reported with use, (unlike the prescribed narcotics, I can receive legally). Ultimately I found illegal marijuana to be much a more preferable and economical pain relief than the expensive and intolerable pharmaceuticals the medical industry is limited to prescribe. I have asked my physician to help me apply for a medical marijuana exemption and now I have to wait 18-24 months just to see one of two necessary specialists that is one of Health Canada ridiculous prerequisites!

A doctor can prescribe many different hard drugs that are far riskier to one's health without having to go to TWO specialists, but for marijuana, you have to prove that all available drugs and therapies have been tried and failed… you have to try harder things that are highly addictive and could kill you in order to get access to the softer medication!" Most of the information I am sure you are already well aware of however I designed this letter as a mass press release and must assume most people are totally ignorant of the true facts (and most probably are) The THC molecule does not fit into the opiate receptors of the brain! IT IS NOT A NARCOTIC and is incorrectly scheduled! (LeDain Commission findings and Canadian Medical Association) Not that I expect them to ever grant me the multi-paged exemption, as I soon discovered , while going through the process of applying for a medical exemption, that at least 94 people have died waiting for their exemptions, (sensitively calling them dormant cases) and that the Health Canada has overruled the opinion of real Medical Doctors as well as the 2 Specialists the exemption application requires on a regular basis and apparently denies 99% of the exemption applications, with the seeming policy of making exemption form details supersede the need the applicant has for the medication. It seems Health Canada is only inclined to give this relatively harmless analgesic and anti-nauseant to people that have terminal cancer, MS or Aids and who also have had to make darn sure they have dotted all their I's and crossed all their T's on their many exemption application forms.

At present the fact that the Canadian Governments' position is that it's preferable to them that I be in an expensive opiate derived stupor as my only legal option for pain relief is utterly ridiculous and completely unacceptable. Being an educated man and recently being accepted as a member into the MENSA CANADA SOCIETY, I immediately decided to research into the background and history of the prohibition of marijuana, to discover the logic or reasoning behind it. I quickly came to one obvious conclusion that Government misinformation/propaganda and Government policy (ignorant atheistic prejudicial legislation) of the plant is totally unfounded, ridiculous, not to mention blatantly illegal and completely outside the Canadian Governments jurisdiction, based on the very Oath of Allegiance that the Government, Judges, Lawyers, etc.. have sworn, the Oath of Allegiance Act, the Canadian Constitution, The Westminster Confessions of Faith and the King James Bible. It is blatant hypocrisy for those in power to preach that ignorance of the law is no excuse, but by the very same token, just because the general public seems ignorant of the fact that the laws of man cannot supersede Gods' and that the Oaths of Allegiance that you, I and government have sworn, demands fealty to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, and that the Queen as head of the Church and Defender of the faith, cannot commit blasphemy by saying mans law takes precedent, and supersedes Gods law.

My own personal experience with marijuana in alleviating my pain is all the proof I need to have to know that the Canadian people have been conned long enough by atheistic and hypocritical self-serving people in power. People who approve of the well taxed public consumption of alcohol and tabacco, two proven deadly drugs, but creates and attempts to impose laws of prohibition of a relatively mild plant, based on an outdated 80-year-old, ignorant, racist mentality. The Canadian Government is staffed by people who refuse to acknowledge the fact that prohibition was, and still is, a lie. Prohibition is a deprivation of a fundamental freedom of choice and free will, conditional to not hurting anyone else. In continuing to cowardly concede to American driven conventions, making Canadian civil rights subservient to foreign influence, and in doing so is presently, and has been committing treason, fraud and perjury, blatantly violating their oaths of Allegiance and ignoring the very principles the Canadian Constitution is founded upon, quintessentially slapping God and the Canadian people across the face, causing far more damage to Canada in the wasting of money and resources fighting an entirely un-winnable battle and in the process injuring innocent Canadians far more than the even the most wide spread use of a medicinal herb could ever have!

The $4,000,000 1972 Le Dain Commission recognized that marijuana is not a narcotic and the use of marijuana is not linked to violent crime in any way. It also concluded that prohibition laws have only served to create a sub-culture with little respect for the law and law enforcement, as well as diverting law enforcement capability, clogging the judicial system, and providing a base of funds for organized crime. The recommendations of the Le Dain Commission ranged from outright legalization to small fines for marijuana use, and again the Canadian Government ignored and still IGNORES the $4,000,000 results of its Le Dain Commission and continues to exorbitantly waste hundreds of millions of tax dollars attempting to enforce prohibition! And comes up with yet another, I'm sure, well paid commission this year to again "look into Cannabis policy reform." I have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, I have been awarded a United Nations Peacekeeping medal, I also have been awarded the Canadian Peacekeepers Service medal. The intention of the Canadian Justice system now is to attempt to award me with jail time and/or a fine as well as a criminal record for growing a free medicinal herb to remedy my pain!

I was very close to just going along with it and plead guilty until my employment was severely crippled due to the pending criminal charge against me! Anyone who has pledged to give his/her own life in the protection of our countries rights and freedoms, and has been acknowledge by the awards certificates and medals I have received, deserves to be at least heard, and being punished with a criminal record, fine and/or jail sentence, for ameliorating the pain of an injury caused by the very service to my country, is no way for any country to pay back loyalty and dedicated service! This makes me very ashamed to be a Canadian, in the way the Canadian Government repays those who defend our freedom and rights! The Canadian Government has definitely picked the wrong person to wrongly persecute this time! I am an intelligent, righteous and honest individual, and it is my intention to again battle for justice and freedom for myself and for all people from this oppression by the Canadian Government and outside (American) influences, I will be going to preliminary hearing in Nova Scotia Supreme Court, where again I will demand to hear into testimony the Oath of Allegiance, If the Court will not, then I will leave the Courtroom immediately, defending myself if necessary from the actions of a Sheriff attempting to confine me against my will. There is no law statute or regulation which compels me to enter into contract with another private party, as the Government is now acting. I will apply to the Supreme Court of Canada, and if need be I will take this case to the International Court in the Hague! If I must once again take up a struggle for freedom and justice then so be it! Otherwise my medals mean nothing and I might as well throw them away!

My intentions will be as follows; To revive knowledge of and avouch the Oath given by the Queen. To revive knowledge of, and avouch the Oath of allegiance to the Queen. To require testimony of ones Oath, of those who are allegiant to the Queen. To revive knowledge of and avouch the law of the land as based on the Bible, as seen in the Coronation Oath 1953, the Coronation Oath Act 1688, et al. My evidence is simple and straightforward: 1) Oath of Allegiance Act; I, ...................., do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Her Heirs and Successors. So help me God. 2) The Coronation Oath; Archbishop: Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel? Will you to the utmost of your power maintain in the United Kingdom the Protestant Reformed Religion established by law? Will you maintain and preserve inviolably the settlement of the Church of England, and the doctrine, worship, discipline, and government thereof, as by law established in England? And will you preserve unto the Bishops and Clergy of England, and to the Churches there committed to their charge, all such rights and privileges, as by law do or shall appertain to them or any of them? Queen: All this I promise to do. 3) The preamble of the Canadian Constitution: "Whereas Canada is founded on the principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law" 4) The King James Bible: Genesis 1:29 "I give you every seed bearing herb on the face of the earth and every tree that has fruit with a seed within it. They will be yours for meat." 5) A transcript of my last Court hearing: in which Judge Anne E. Crawford refuses to enter into testimony evidence of her Oath! Mr.Wilson : "Is the Court aware that I appear under threat, duress and intimidation, and that in religious right and belief I cannot enter the body of a Court without knowing that the Court is truly allegiant to her Majesty." Judge Anne E. Crawford: " Mr. Wilson, I have read the materials you have filed. You stand before this Court on the same basis as everyone else does who appears here. I'm not prepared to entertain any of your pre-conditions. You come forward!" (read; I'm not prepared to act within my Oath of Allegiance) Mr.Wilson: " I refuse to enter the body of the court without first hearing the Oath of Allegiance. Judge Anne E. Crawford: "Fine, you will be dealt with where you stand." Judge Crawfords' refusal and obvious lack of response, in the requesting of her Oath of Allegiance be entered into testimony, is acknowledgment by tacit omission that she indeed is attempting to operate outside authorized jurisdiction, without sanction or vested authority, committing perjury in disavowing the Oath, treason and fraud against myself and all Canadians in punishing them for a crime simply made up out of thin air by a morale minority in 1923. The Canadian Medical Association has shown that in light amounts (5 "joints"/week) the IQ is actually elevated by 4-5 points! It is high time to end this ridiculous charade and unjust persecution of thousands of innocent Canadians, and spend the time, resources and money on much more productive purposes. I would appreciate the dropping of the charges pending against me, as I see no need to waste more tax payers money and do not see how prosecuting me best serves the public interest. I have lost employment and housing due to the pending charge. I do not believe that I deserve a criminal record for attempting to ameliorate my own suffering.

My chosen profession in computers requires a clean criminal record and now my employability has been severely handicapped by the Canadian Government in its blind pursuit of an illegal and outdated law. I do not wish to directly challenge the authority of the Courts and create an embarrassment for the Canadian Government, as I do not believe it to be in the best interest of Canada, damaging our nations prestige and reputation, but the justice system leaves me no other recourse unless you can help in alleviating the situation. I am embarrassed and ashamed to say that my own MLA covets his position of employment in Government more than righteously representing the people who have voted for him. I received a reply from his secretary after requesting assistance, "The statistics that you provide regarding marijuana use, and the affects it has are not from a recognizable source to this office, and therefore cannot be taken into consideration." I got the statistics from Health Canada, The 1973 LeDain Commission findings and the Canadian Medical Association! One would think that these are recognizable sources!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my letter, I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have to clarify the situation further, and may be contacted by phone, mail, or e-mail I have listed at the top of the page.

Herbert Shawn Wilson, Nobel Laureate, C.P.S.M. UNFICYP, MENSA CANADA.